The group of companies AUTODOM was founded in 1995. The enterprise is engaged in wholesale and retail trade in conversion tracked vehicles: MTLB, MTLBu, 2S1, GTSM, GTMU, ATS-59, PTS-2, as well as spare parts and aggregates to it. This special equipment is designed for operation in heavy natural conditions and is used for towing trailers, transporting people and goods off-road, mountain and sand terrain, installing various equipment and providing other transportation needs.

At present AVTODOM provides tractors for oil and gas, energy, geological exploration, logging and other industries. At the site in St. Petersburg, there is always a wide selection of MTLB family transporters and tractors of various types and modifications.

Pre-delivery preparation, re-equipment and completion of machines is carried out on its own production base. The update includes:

  • upgrading the control room
  • cargo area modernization
  • installation of a wide or caterpillar with rubber-metal hinge

Based on the technical specification of the customer, a deep modernization of this technique is carried out:

  • Assembly of the crane-manipulator
  • installation of auto hydraulic lifter
  • installation of an electric fueling module
  • Preparing the chassis for rig installation

Our production company OOO RemTehMontazh developed documentation for the assembly and modernization of caterpillar tractors of the MTLB family, which allows to issue technical passports (PSM) for the current year (Certificate of Compliance No. РОСС RU.МТ30.С01052). We take into account all requirements of our customers and with great attention to any wishes regarding pre-sale preparation of equipment, improving its equipment and comfort.

We carry out warranty and post-warranty service of the sold special equipment. The delivery across Russia by road and rail is organized. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.