Поставка запасных частей гусеничных вездеходов

The company LLC "Auto-Most" provides an opportunity to order spare parts for crawler tractors and other types of special equipment. The company has a huge number of original spare parts for special equipment (MT-LB, MT-LBU, GAZ-71 and other models), which are stored in the company's warehouse and in containers. At the repair enterprise, production of new gaskets, seals and other spare parts for this type of equipment is organized. These spare parts are used in the manufacture or overhaul of tracked vehicles. In addition, a certain nomenclature of goods is sold at the request of the Buyers. There is an interaction with other organizations that specialize in the sale of spare parts for this type of special equipment. Buy spare parts for crawler tractors can be remotely, using any convenient form of communication. We will coordinate the optimal payment and delivery options, promptly process the application and arrange the shipment of the goods. At the request of the buyer, the goods can be delivered by any transport company to any locality in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. If necessary, you can send an application for the spare parts you need. To clarify the information on the availability of any position, its cost, to agree on specific wishes, as well as to issue an order, you can call us at (812) 320-30-90, 320-30-74. We guarantee high quality of spare parts and trust relationships with regular customers. The property can be obtained independently at the warehouse of spare parts. It is located in the village of Peski Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region. The electronic address for sending applications for the purchase of spare parts for special equipment (MT-LB, MT-LBU, GAZ-71 and other models) spec@avtodom.su. We guarantee the prompt processing of orders, collection, packaging and shipping of goods.